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    Bryan Falchuk, author of Do a Day, speaks with Andy Armento about the difference between taking it a "day at a time" and his philosophy of "Do a Day." Realizing he was fat because he hadn't tackled the emotional issues lying deep within, Bryan was able to lose over 150 pounds and is now running marathons. This conversation cuts quick to the heart as Andy tackles some of his own personal issues with Bryan.

    In this episode of Pursuit of Balance with Andy Armento, Andy interviews best selling author, world-renown evangelist, and former president of the Southern Baptist Convention Dr. James Merritt. Dr. Merritt shares insight with how he grew from a kid in the throws of white-supremesist Gainesville, GA to pastoring a multi-cultural mega church in metro Atlanta.

    Pursuit of Balance: A weekly podcast focused on helping people find the elusive balance between hard work and the good life. As a successful business professional in sales, Andy Armento takes you on a journey to find balance in five areas of life: Vocational, Relational, Physical, Financial, and Spiritual. Interviewing some of the brightest minds and thought leaders in each of the 5 areas of life balance, Andy is bringing you on his own personal journey to finding balance.

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