So I just finished John Acuff's new book, Finish. Thought I'd try to eliminate the dumb pun early. I like puns. I've heard a good pun is its own reword. All kidding aside when I heard about this book from my bride Sarah, I knew I needed to pre-order the book. I suck at finishing. Like the time I started that book. Which one you ask? Most of them. You see, finishing is not my strong suit. I have ADD. Ask my wife.

I get easily distracted. I was driving from Knoxville to Atlanta today and saw this really cool billboard. Actually, it was 2 billboards on both sides of the interstate. They were the cool turning kind. The new digital ones are too flashy and I can never finish reading them before they change. The turning ones are so much better. They are like retro cool. Like how flannel is coming back in style. My favorite one is the one in Atlanta on the side of the building at the connector visible from the southbound lanes near midtown. Chick-Fil-A always has something to tell me on that one.

As I was saying, I get easily distracted. Which is why I struggle with finishing. What happens is I start with the best ideas and a perfect goal in mind. Like the time I woke up and said I was going to lose weight. After I ate my nutritious breakfast of eggs, bacon, biscuits, gravy, orange juice, and coffee, I decided to fitness pal that. Except, I didn't. Why? Because I failed. First meal of the day. I failed. Instead of trying again, I quit.

Acuff says, "Chronic starters quit the day after perfect." Oh well, streak is broken. What to do now? Something else. Something easy. Back to the old way. This is me. "Imperfection is fast, and when it arrives we usually quit." So instead of getting up and trying again, I just quit. Acuff says that this "enemy" of finishing is called "perfectionism."

You might think this is a "get your butt of the couch and do it Shia LaBeouf style" book, but I will tell you it is not. Instead of trying to motivate and inspire you to finishing like Mickey coaching Rocky Balboa, Acuff shows you all the crap that gets in the way and really helps you bring to light what keeps you from crossing the proverbial finish line so you can work through each that hinders you. If you struggle to finish, Acuff has a hilarious way of showing you how you too can be a finisher.

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